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POA's Role Copy
POA's Safety & Security Role:

The primary responsibility of the POA and our Security Organization is to control entry and exit to and from our community.  In 2010 we installed a new Security computer system.  One of its features is the ability to scan and record the driver licenses of all visitors and vendors who enter at the Front Gate. This allows us to access a record of entries at any given date and time.

We still need to improve exit control, so that we can really determine if anyone entered, but did not leave in a timely fashion.The back Gate (East Gate) is a problem-area since "piggy-backing" or "tailgating" is a real problem.  You can help with this.  When entering through the Back Gate - and there is a car behind you - we suggest that you stop after entry until the automatic gate has closed behind you.  We continue to investigate a mechanical means of preventing piggy-backing at the Back Gate. 

The Service Gate where yard-maintenance people enter is manned during the hours that this gate is open. Security will check that people entering at this gate are authorized, but it is not feasible to check the identity of all maintenance workers riding in the trucks or cars that enter.

Community Patrol:  Another responsibility of our Security Organization is to patrol our community at various times of the day.  These patrols are on the lookout for any unexpected activities.  In the evening, they look for open garage doors, since garage doors provide easy access to items in your garage and provide direct access to you home. 

Traffic Violations:  The Security Organization is also on the lookout for speeders and for drivers who ignore Stop signs.  This year we are taking steps towards a much stronger enforcement.  Automatic Cameras that record speed and obtaining a vehicle's  license plate are under way. 

We will actively be using the Small Claims Court to collect unpaid fines, so if you receive a fine, please don't just throw it away. Once these fines accumulate, you may find yourself in Court. 

Emergencies:  The Security Organization plays an important role with emergencies in our community. In case of a serious medical or other emergency, call 911 first, then call Security
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