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We have Speed Limits for a reason!

There are many roads in our community and some are narrow with hidden driveways. There are many pedestrians, bicyclists and golf carts that travel on them day and night.  Often, during the daytime, there are large sevice vehicles parked on the road, restricting travel to a single lane.

These reasons are why we have established and are enforcing a 20 Mph speed limit for all vehicles on all our roads.  On specially dangerous corners, a lower speed limit is clearly posted.

Please respect your neighbors and friends by adhering to the speed limits.  Fines will be handed out to those who choose not to protect our community by putting others at risk.

No Cell Phones!

A separate, but related issue is the use of cell phones and other distracting devices while driving. It makes you wonder: Did they stop at - or even notice - any STOP Signs signs while talking or texting? Please do not use your cell phone while driving on our roads. It is truly dangerous to you and our community

4-Way and 3-Way STOP Signs are found at our busiest intersections.  Please make sure you make a full stop.

Extra care must be taken to look for Pedestrians and Cyclists:  Take a second look to make sure there are no hidden friends.

Golf Cars are motor vehicles and must obey the Stop Signs, just like cars. 

Article 8 of the POA Rules & Regulations contains these guidelines for Motor Vehicle Violation fines.

Click here to view the Rules & Regulations:

The following summarizes the Violation Guidelines:
a. Loss of bar code, duration at discretion of Security, no fine
b. No violations during bar code suspension, return of bar code, no fine
c. First violation during loss of bar code, $25.00
d. Second violation during loss of bar code, $50.00
e. Third or more violations during loss of bar code, $100.00 each

Failure to pay Motor Vehicle Violation fines:

Motor Vehicle fines will double every 30 days of non-payment. When a $1,000 threshold is met, legal action may be taken.

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