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Your Responsiblities
Property Owner Responsibilities

As a Property Owner, you are required to keep your property well maintained so that it - or parts of it - don't become an eyesore to your neighbors and the rest of the Community.

Please refer to page 13 item D in the Property Owners' Association Rules & Regulations that states property appearance expectations.
here to download the full POA Rules and Regulations Document

Property Appearance Inspections are not a "seasonal item" and are made randomly all year at which time particular attention is given to several areas to maintain "Curb Appeal" at all times. This will help maintain the value of your property.1) Roofs - Cleanliness: free from dirt, milldew, mold, algea and rust stains or in need of repair or replacement. 2) Driveways -A) Concrete Driveways- cleanliness: Free from dirt, rust stains, weeds or in need of repair from cracks or need to be re-stained or replaced.B) Asphalt Driveways - cleanliness: Free from dirt, rust stains, weeds, cracks or in need of being re-sealed , re-surfaced or replaced.C) Paver or Brick Driveways - cleanliness: Free from dirt, rust stains, weeds cracks orin need of being re-sealed, repaired or replaced.D) Loose Stone driveways:3) Landscaping -A) Lawns need to be well maintained by cutting, proper watering and weed free.B) Bushes and hedges need to be kept trimmed on a regular basis.C) Trees need to be trimmed of dead branches and palm froms on a regular basis.4) Houses - (both from the Street, Golf Course and the Creek)A) House numbers need to be 3 and 1/2 inches tall (Martin County code) and visible fromthe street. This is also a safrty issue to ensure that an emergency vehicle can locateyour house in a timely manor.B) House structures should be free from dirt, rust stains, mold and algae. Repair andpainting should be upto date at all times.5) Other -A) AC units and all utility items (pool pumps, well pumps, water softener tanks, propanetanks and generators) should not be visible from the street, golf course or creek andmaybe enclosed by either shrubs or an approved fence.B) Docks and seawalls need to be cleaned and well maintained.
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