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The following links allow on-line access to a number of POA documents and reports.

Protective Covenants


Rules & Regulations

Once downloaded into your Web Browser, these documents can be printed on your printer and can also be saved on your computer for use offline.

POA Meeting Minutes
04/26/17POA Minutes 2017/03-27 Final
04/04/17POA Minutes 2017-03-27 Draft
03/29/17pOA Minutes 2017-02-06 Final
02/07/17POA Minutes 2017/01/17 Final
01/19/17POA Minutes 2016/12/12 Final
12/13/16POA Minutes 2016/11/14 Final
11/18/16POA Minutes 2016/11/14 Draft
11/15/16POA Minutes 2016/10/11
10/18/16POA Revised Minutes 2016/10/11
10/17/16POA Minutes 2016/10/11 Draft
10/13/16POA Minutes 2016/08/08 Final
08/10/162016/0808 POA Minutes Draft
08/09/162016/06/06 POA Minutes Final
06/08/162016/05/09 POA Minutes
06/08/162016/06/06 POA Minutes Draft
05/13/162016/03/28 POA Minutes Final
05/13/162016/05/09 Minutes Draft
03/30/162016/03/28 POA Minutes Draft
03/28/162016/02/29 POA MinutesFinal
03/28/162016/02/30 POA MinutesFinal
03/03/162016/02/29 POA Minutes Draft
03/01/16 2016/01/25 POA Minutes Final
03/01/162015/02/01 POA Minutes Final
02/04/16 2016/02/01 POA Minutes Draft
02/01/162016/01/25 Corrected POA Minutes Draft
01/28/162016/01/25 POA Minutes Draft
01/25/16 2015/12/14 POA Minutes Draft
12/15/152015/11/16 POA Minutes Final
11/16/152015/11/02 POA Minutes Final
11/11/152015/11/02 POA Minutes Draft
11/02/152015/10/12 POA Minutes Final
10/14/152015/10/12 POA Minutes Draft
10/13/152015/10/10 POA Minutes Approved
10/05/152015/08/10 POA Minutes Approved
09/10/152015/09/10 POA Minutes Draft
06/04/152015/06/01 POA Minutes Draft
06/01/152015/04/27 POA Minutes Final
03/30/152014/02/09 POA Minutes Final
03/30/152015/03/30 POA Minutes Annual Meeting/Draft
02/13/152015/02/09/ POA Minutes-Draft
02/09/152015/01/12 Minutes Final
12/08/142014/12/01 POA Minutes Draft
12/01/142014/11/10 POA Minutes
12/01/142014/11/17 POA Minutes Special Mtg
11/10/142014/10/6 POA Minutes Final
09/12/142014/09/08 POA Minutes Draft
07/18/142014/07/04 POA Minutes Final
06/01/142014/05/19 POA Minutes Final
05/19/142014/02/03 POA Minutes Final
05/19/142014/03/03 POA Minutes Final
05/19/142014/03/31 POA Annual Meeting Minutes
05/19/142014/04/14 POA Minutes Final
02/04/142014/01/06 POA Minutes Final
12/02/13 2013/10/28 POA Minutes Final
11/03/132013/10/28 POA Minutes Draft
11/03/132013/10/7 POA Minutes Final
10/14/132013/07/29 POA Minutes Final
10/14/132013/10/07 POA Minutes Draft
07/31/132013/07/29 POA Minutes Draft
07/29/132013/05/20 POA Mintues Final
05/20/132013/04/29 POA Minutes
04/29/132013/03/25 POA Minutes Annual and BOG
03/27/132012/03/29 POA Annual Minutes
03/27/132013/02/11 POA Minutes
02/12/132013/01/07 POA Board Minutes
01/17/132012/11/30 POA Minutes
12/17/122011/11/14 Annual Budget Meeting Minutes
12/17/122011/11/19 JOA Election Results Minutes
12/17/122012/10/29 POA Minutes
10/29/122012/09/24 POA Minutes
07/26/1207/26/12 POA Meeting Minutes
05/31/1205/31/12 POA Meeting Minutes
04/19/1204/19/12 POA Meeting Minutes
03/29/12POA Annual Meeting Minutes
03/08/1203/08/12 POA Meeting Minutes
02/09/1202/09/12 POA Meeting Minutes
12/01/1112/01/11 POA Meeting Minutes
10/27/1110/27/11 POA Meeting Minutes
09/29/1109/29/11 POA Meeting Minutes
07/28/1107/28/11 POA Meeting Minutes
06/23/1106/23/11 POA Meeting Minutes
04/28/1104/28/11 POA Meeting Minutes
03/24/1103/24/11 POA Meeting Minutes
02/24/1102/24/11 POA Meeting Minutes
01/27/1101/27/11 POA Meeting Minutes

POA Forms
05/30/12POA Access Authorization Form
05/30/12POA ARC Application Form
05/30/12POA Request for Variance

POA Financials
07/08/132013 Capital Report
07/08/132013/06/30 POA Balance Sheet
07/08/132013/06/30 POA Income Statement
02/08/132013/01/31 POA Balance Sheet
02/08/132013/01/31 POA Capital Budget Report
02/08/132013/01/31 POA Income Statement
12/12/122012/11/30 POA Balance Sheet
12/12/122012/11/30 POA Capital Monthly Report
12/12/122012/11/30 POA Comparative Forecast Report
12/12/122012/11/30 POA Income Statement
09/21/122013 Proposed Budget
08/01/122012 POA Capital Monthly Report
07/31/1207/31/12 Financial Statements
06/30/1206/30/12 Financial Statements
05/31/1205/31/12 Financial Statements
04/30/1204/30/12 Financial Statements
03/31/1203/31/12 Financial Statements
02/29/1202/29/12 Financial Statements
01/31/1201/31/12 Financial Statements
01/01/12POA 2011 Annual Report
01/01/11POA 2010 Annual Report

Joint Operating Agreement
11/19/12JOA Added Value Payment and Property Transfer Agreement
11/19/12JOA Agreement for Facility Rental
11/19/12JOA Agreement for Grounds Maintenance
11/19/12JOA Agreement for Management Services


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